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About Us

It is no coincidence that our society has created family Germano-Italo-Tunisian, but rather to express the love and recognition that are members of my family for olives for several generations, as well in Italy and Tunisia, where we decided to honor the tree god and give him the privilege it deserves.

My wife about it, reconnected with his roots after a long line of growers on the side of his Italian father, and farmer-breeders on the side of his German mother, she found the pleasure of the earth. The olive is not my main business, indeed the fate that I go into the tourism sector especially in hotels in Germany. My strong connection to land and I love the job of my parents and my ancestors was stronger than me, he pushed me in my career up everything to achieve a dream of me convert into a farmer-oleifacteur and return to my roots. Thus, we decided to locate our production site in the valley Bouhajla Kairouan in Tunisia. It is a choice of merit which is justified by an approximation to the true wilderness and sensual. In my second and true career j'assouvis my passion for the olive and my pleasure to offer you a quality product that takes care of your health, follow from the tree to your plate with great delicacy.