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About Doghmani Oil

The « Doghmani Oil » Mill, located in the very heart of the olive tree fields of Bouhajla valley, is the essence of tradition and know how acquired by the various producers and millers who have taken over for generations. Made to answer the needs of demanding consumers, the Extra Virgin olive oil which is produced by the company is based on the exceptional cold extraction technique.

This operation is carried out entirely with stainless steel machines. That material, inert and the easiest to wash, fully preserves the taste of olive oil and thus renders the original taste of olive oil. The oil that is produced by “Doghmani oil” is thus a real fruit juice. The oils produced by our company are selected from the olive groves of the famous region in Bouhajla valley. Produced in accordance with the strictest standards of quality and hygiene (HACCP), these oils have again and again won regional and national agricultural shows. Our oils can be bought directly on the website. They can also be found packaged in glass bottles on the shelves in the mass-market retailing. The “Doghmani oil” olive oils are extracted from olives that are grown in a fertile soil, under the Mediterranean sun, and then harvested shortly before they are fully mature. Harvest generally starts in November and can continue till January. The difference between ordinary olive oils and the extra virgin ones lies in the manner in which the fruit is harvested: the high quality extra virgin oil produced by our mill is extracted from olives that are pressed within 24 hours of their harvest. This virgin olive oil comes from a collection of all varieties of olives grown in the soil of the Bouhajla valley, the dominant ones being Oueslati and Chemlali. Other varieties give our oil of the “fruity” type aromas of fruit (apple, pear, nuts) rather intense with a hint of piquancy. That is the characteristic of the oil of Bouhajla valley. The obtained oil is in accordance with the Tunisian standards of quality and and those of the European Community and international, the final product bottled could wear the label "DOGHMANE Oil".