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Robusto Giulia

Is unique oil, thanks to its flavor, its quality and its price? It has a rich green color and a generous fruity taste as it comes from a selection of carefully handpicked and ripe olives, offering a bouquet of all the flavors of a fruit that has gorged itself on sunshine. Robusto Giulia is the family’s ideal condiment.

It makes your canapé tastier and, due to its efficiency, you will find it essential for the kitchen. Robusto Giulia brings you an intense and balanced taste as well as the subtle flavor of ripe olives. It is an unforgettable mixture delivering by turns sweetness and bitterness. In making this virgin oil, we only use mechanical processes of olive pressing .thus, it bears the “Doghmani oil” warranty.

Cooking with Robusto Giulia :

Ronde olive oil, glowing, peppery, intense, fresh and light: olive oil willingly yields its flavors to give our palate immeasurable pleasure. With its olive oil ”Doghmani Oil “ offers us a little bit of all that in addition to a delicious and fruity touch that is just perfect with a tomato salad , roast chicken or mashed potatoes. It is the ideal ,full-flavored supplement for canapé as well as meat dishes