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Old Dog New Trick (Original Version) P.J. Shann

Old Dog New Trick (Original Version)

P.J. Shann

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 About the Book 

To be honest, this is my least favourite part of the business of writing. Like all writers, I can talk about my work in mind-numbing detail for several weeks without drawing a single solitary breath, but I don’t really care to talk about myself. I’m content to let my stories and my characters speak for me, even though they sometimes say and do the most terrible things.Just a few, necessary details then...I was born and raised in the City of Leeds, in the north of England, although at this stage I have probably lived the greater part of my life down in the south, first in London and now in the County of Hertfordshire, where I live with my wife, my two sons, and a large greedy dog called Stan.