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Anna, Hanna en Johanna Marianne Fredriksson

Anna, Hanna en Johanna

Marianne Fredriksson

Published 1997
351 pages
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 About the Book 

I didnt get this book. The book tells the life story of 3 women Hanna (grandmother of Anna, mother to Joanna), Joanna (other of Anna), and Anna living in Sweden.What I liked about the book: Hannas lifestory was very interesting. Born to a poor country family during the last half of 1800s, Hannas life was a grim struggle. She was a servant for her uncle and cruel aunt. She was raped, then viewed as a whore by the town, and had a boy by the time she was 13 years old. Later she married the mill owner and had 4 more children. Despite all the hardships in her life, she just accepted it. There was no whining or crying. In fact she only cried in times of joy.Joanna grew up in a city with more modern conveniences and felt embarrased by her mothers views and ways. She strongly resented her mother at times. However, despite different times and attitudes, all 3 women experienced similar difficulties, especially when it came to men.What I didnt like:Annas story and part of Joannas story was just blah... I thought the author was trying to make Anna should so deep and contemplative. Example: passionate love of her life cheats on her all the time, hurts her on purpose... Anna goes on and on about her husbands cold mother, Annas distance, her cold Joannas mother-in-law was, how she somehow inheriting problems from her mother and grandmother, etc... My assessment--your husband is a cheating scumbag that cant keep his pants zipped. I dont care how passionate you guys are, its unhealthy.