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Lola Taylor

Published October 19th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Book one, Fever, is currently free!Rogue werewolf Elijah Johnson would have been better off dead. After being held hostage by a coven of malicious witches—witches who seem to know much more about the dark arts than they should—he takes the first chance he can to escape, only to fall into a trap a month later. When he’s captured during a D.P.I. bust, he expects to be thrown into prison. He doesn’t expect to learn his interrogator is a curvy young witch with hair the color of fire and enough passion for the law to match...Verika Tate has spent her career trying to uphold the values and morals of law enforcement in the Underworld. Only twenty-six, she is heralded as one of the most gifted witches in the southeastern region. Her life is, for the most part, uneventful. She attends her weekly spellbook club meetings, works out daily to try to shed some stubborn fat that refuses to leave, and buries her nose in the latest witchcraft magazines. Learning is her shield and her only defense for being able to forget the werewolf who broke her heart—Nik Johnson...When she’s assigned to Elijah, she can hardly believe how rotten her luck is. He looks enough like Nik to haunt her, and his hard muscle and flirtatious quips are enough to make her pant. Verika struggles to keep her heart out of her work, a point which proves especially tricky when Elijah reveals an astonishing secret that could finally break the case she’s been trying to crack—the whereabouts of the mysterious Mistress Black, leader of the witch mafia. The tip is too good to pass up, and she reluctantly agrees to help him escape the witches who have placed a bounty on his head in exchange for information.Will Verika uphold the law at any cost, or will she risk everything for the sake of a once-in-a-lifetime romance?Recommended 18 +. BBW Werewolf Erotic Romance