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Shattered Jezebel Jorge


Jezebel Jorge

Published January 27th 2012
Kindle Edition
228 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sometimes our lives are mapped out in such a way, all you can do is ride the waves of discontent. Young Amalie lives such a life. She is known as the crazy candle witch’s daughter. The fat, ugly girl who got herself pregnant. Not even her mother wanted her.Luckily, Amalie had people who cared about her. Friends who helped her make it through some brutally ruthless times, and one little boy who gave her the strength to see beyond the savage cruelties of life, to its truer meaning.Author, Jezebel Jorge gives us raw and heartbreaking writing. Her characters are more than mere words on a page, they awaken your emotions, demanding to be heard, seen and reckoned with. This tale is a bitter battle between good and evil and one that will tear out your heart as you walk beside our heroine, Amalie. Open up this novel. Take her hand in yours. Let her know it will be okay.