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Huldre: Journey of the Hidden Ones Glory Ann Monson

Huldre: Journey of the Hidden Ones

Glory Ann Monson

Published April 2nd 2011
ISBN : 9781936780099
564 pages
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 About the Book 

Anna Gaston is in jail. She can imagine the headlines-San Francisco heiress, 1934 California Artist of the Year, arrested. She is jostled into a jail cell in a dusty, tired town in North Dakota barely surviving the dust storms of the Great Depression. Sharing the cell with her best friend Britta, to whom she is no longer speaking, is humiliating enough, but to share that cell with four law-breaking, rebel farmers, and a Standing Rock Sioux Indian was ludicrous. It all began with an earthquake in San Francisco-just a simple earthquake. Then came the tedious train ride east. Then the arrest. Anna, up to this point, had lived her life as an open book, but from this night on, her life-her very identity, would be riddled with secrecy and complicated by life-altering, even life-threatening events. The irony of it all was she willingly allowed it to happen.Huldre is a moving and tumultuous novel steeped in European traditions, complicated by new-found prejudices of the 1930s in America. It unravels the journey of five young adults from diverse cultures-the hidden ones-whose lives collide in a most unlikely place. Their circumstances threaten to derail their dreams and spin them in directions they never could have imagined. Each has a secret impossible to keep-a secret capable of destroying lives. Secrets that could kill.You will laugh and cry your way through Huldre: Journey of the Hidden Ones, navigating your way through a tapestry of places and events seasoned with 1930s culture, humor, and suspense. A good read.Huldre is a feel-good, cry-a-little, laugh-a-lot book for adults. If youve ever kept a secret for a good reason, you have to read this.